more and more about me

Hello friends...
I'm Adham Azraei .. Well you can call me Am .. i'd like to story about me ..
i'm a person that like to enjoying weird stuff and challenge stuff ...
annoy people until they get mad ... but don't get mad at me because of no reason ..
like korean drama but not love love drama okay ...
i like drama that funny and always make me laugh..
some people always see me laugh because i don't want people too my sad feeling ...
okay thats all i'm gonna tell ya ... so be well be strong and pantun i''m gonna say

 Always Study
Don't be lazy
 Be steady
always love me ...

Full Name - Adham Azraei
Age - 15 (2012)
Relay - Taken by Icarius
Love - Cats and Girls
Hate - Bugs and Fake
Hobby - Sleep and online

I'm really evil stalker
love to like status

Before you add me as a friends
--> Nama jangan bukan-bukan
--> Don't be fake
--> Friendly
--> Hate Liar
--> Do add do talk
--> Hate me ! Fuck you ass
--> Love me ! i'll be your lover
--> Block ! Thanks you just reduce your friends
--> Da add cakap Thanks
--> Sombong ! pergi la mampus !
--> You add me just to judge me ! haha ! You just made a huge mistake
--> Add setakat nak penuhkan friends ! Dasar bodoh
--> Not always online